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Creative Kids Vouchers

for Parents

NSW only

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It's easy to book your child into one of our

Code with Altino courses here for FREE

via the Creative Kids Vouchers Grant (value $100),

from the NSW Government.

You can still book the course for a payment of $100 if you do not have a Creative Kids Voucher.  Look for the payment link (instead of school listing) -

e.g. "Pay Here for Any School - Code with Altino Hybrid Programme". 

Include school name in booking form.  


 Or email us at and request the payment link.

You also need to make the booking on the school listing to reserve a place.


Step 1:  GET YOUR VOUCHER CODE  (if you do not wish to pay for the course and are entitled to the voucher)


Obtain your $100 Creative Kids Voucher code from Service NSW website by clicking here.    The code may also be now on your Service NSW app on your mobile phone.

Once you receive an email from Service NSW, scroll to the bottom to get your code.  



Scroll to the bottom of this screen to see blue button - "BOOK HERE NOW" - then select the course you want.  

If booking for a course hosted at a school, your child needs to be a student at the hosting school - or the hosting school has invited your child's school to be part of the programme.  (If your school is not listed - please send us an email at and we will approach the school on your behalf.)


Make sure you enter your Creative Kids Voucher number.


Step 4: 

Book the programme.  


Your child is now booked in! 


You will receive an automated email with course details. 

Questions or wish to register interest in future courses? 

Please email

Are you eligible for a NSW Creative Kids Voucher

or Active Kids Voucher?

Parents, guardians and carers can apply for a voucher with a value of up to $100 per calendar year for each student aged 4.5 to 18 years old enrolled in school.

Click here to apply for your voucher with the NSW Government.

Q and A

What do I do if I don't have a Creative Kids or Active Kids Voucher?

You need to pay $100 for the course.  Look for the "Pay for course" link (not attached to a particular school).   Or email us at and we'll send  you the course payment link.  A credit card will be required.  You also need to make the booking via the school link so you register a place in the course.

Does my child need to be an enrolled student at the school that is hosting the course?

Yes.  Or the hosting school has invited your child's school to be part of their programme.   (Does not apply for Holiday Camps.)

Does my child need to take anything to the course?


I am interested in booking a course but there are none located near me.  What should I do?

Send us an email at and we can approach your school for you.

How may children can I book into a course with one booking?

As many as you like (the form will show you number of remaining places) .  For a multiple booking, use your own name to book.  We can get your creative voucher codes and student names later if that makes it easier for you.  Otherwise just do a separate booking for each child where you have a voucher code.

Who is the provider of these courses?

We are Saeon Australia and we are a NSW Government approved provider of the Creative Kids Voucher programme.  We are an independent Australian owned company.


We are proud to offer schools and children in Australia the opportunity to learn to code with what we believe is the world's most sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) educational robot car - Altino.  

For more details:


facebook:  search 'altino the robot car'.

What makes this programme better than other computer coding education programmes?

Students program a robot car - Altino.  With other providers, students may only be programming an animated sprite.  With a real robot, students are learning about robotics, not just computer programming.  This means the students are learning to solve problems in real life.  This is real STEM learning.  Also STEAM as the students can learn how to play music and create pixel art with the robot car.

Altino is also artificially intelligent (AI).  This means the students can see how the robot uses sensors and data to perceive and react to the environment.  

What happens if COVID restrictions impact delivery of the course?

The classes will be re-scheduled in consultation with the school.  

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