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The Code with Altino Curriculum is the intellectual property of Saeon Australia. 

Only holders of an Altino licence can review and download access.  Their use is strictly for their own school.

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This page is public access - Teachers Guide is available for public review and download only, not replication.

Teachers Guide

K - 12 Australian Schools

Please review this guide prior to delivering the Code with Altino Curriculum in your school.

It advises on programme choices for your students and school.

Please consult if you have any questions.

NSW Schools - Click here to download file.

Australian Schools - Click here to download file.

Facilitators Guide

K - 12 Australian Schools

For teachers and assigned Digital Leaders.


We recommend that Saeon Australia delivers this Programme

onsite at your school as a professional  handover. 


Estimated delivery time - 3 hours.


Option to add to your teachers professional development pathway.

Please request at

Copies of the Facilitator's Guide are available for download

in the Members only tabs of Curriculum High School and Primary School.


Programmes and Mapping available on this site


Crayon app


Python coming soon (additional to Digital Technology requirements)


Scratch Fast Track 


C (Arduino)


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